Saturday, 5 September 2015


Hi Lovelies, 

I know some of you are going to University pretty soon so why not share some tips with you. I was in my first year last year and the freshers week was pretty good but I was a little nervous in terms of meeting new people and being in a new place.  So here are some tips-

1. Add your university pages on Facebook or Twitter (Facebook is the best one). From there you can post a status on that page and ask if anyone is studying so and so, for example 'anyone studying marketing?'. Then you can start making friends on there. You can also ask if someone is in your halls because you can chat with them and who knows they might be studying the same course as you. 

2. You can create a group or you might get added to a group on Facebook where you can chat with your new friends and start getting to know each other. This really helps because you won't be as nervous on the first day of lecture. 

3. Also remember when you start University THINGS COST MONEY, so don't spend lavishly. It is not everyday shopping cause you have a few thousands in your account. 

4. You also need to be organised especially in your studies. 

5. Remember it is not everyday partying! I don't really party so I don't have a problem in that department lol. 

6. Try and eat healthy food! If you can't cook then go on YouTube and learn how to make simple meals. YouTube is literally bae for some students because that is how they learn how to cook, 

7. During your freshers fair try and join some club/societies so that you can meet people and make more friends! 

8. Print some pictures before you move into halls so you won't be too homesick. 

9. Make sure you attend your lectures because some important information might not be in the presentation on blackboard. 

10. First year is such a great experience, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! 


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