Saturday, 12 September 2015


Hi Beauties! 

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! I went shopping yesterday and got some things for university and do not worry there will be a post on that by next week. 
Today's post is just going to be a Q&A
So lets get started shall we? 

1. Why did you change your blog name? I changed my blog name because I wanted something different, something unique. Miss Dimples Blog was just a temporary name that I went with at first just because I couldn't think of any other name; And alot of bloggers have already used dimples or miss dimples so I had to change it. 

2. Why did you decide to pick Fuchsia Fleur as a permanent name? It literally took me ages to come up with a name for my blog, so one day I just decided to go on google and type in 'colours'. From there I went on Wiki to just browse through different names that came up and I found FUCHSIA. I thought fuchsia was such a pretty and chic name. 
And fleur (flower) was just a french word I wanted to add to make it sound more sleek and foreign. 

3. Did you manage to transfer your content from the other blog onto this one? No, that was a disaster. I lost the export folder so all my content from that blog was deleted. For now I am just trying to build it back up! 

4. Why did you move from Wordpress? Wordpress was amazing and easy to use but I couldn't customise my blog the way I wanted to. 

5. How are you feeling about blogger so far? Blogger is easy and straight forward. I love the way my blog is looking now even though there will still be some changes to the design but overall it is amazing! 

6. Where did you get your template from? I got it from Pipdig and it is called 'Infinite'. 

7. What are you adding to your blog this time around? There is the Celeb and Fashion Look-book which has already started and many more to come. 

8. Will you be doing guest posts? - Yes I will be doing that so if you are interested in that, go to 'About' and scroll down to see more information on that. 

That is everything so far! If you want me to answer more of your questions just comment below or email me and I will try to do that for you. 

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