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SO this post is directed at first year students but second / third year students can still take something from this...
I feel like this is something you should avoid at University, so lets get started - 

1. JUNK FOOD / CARBS - This is a NO NO. If I were you I would not go near junk food at all. I think you can have some if you can control yourself because as a student cooking is just like a job to some of us ha ha. We tend to turn to easy things to eat like junk food and carbs such as pasta, ready cooked meals, chocolate, pizza, Chinese takeaway. This is exactly why we gain so much weight when we go back home during the holidays. Guys, I really learnt my lesson in first year like it was not even funny when I realised I gained so much weight. I really got carried away! Never again guys, never again. So I would advice you to turn to healthy food! Maybe a little chocolate here and there I guess he he. 

2. PROCRASTINATION - This one right here is just difficult because we always tend to fall into procrastination trap. One thing I want to improve this year (in my second year) is to try and have something to do. I feel like I took some of my free time for granted for example I watch TV shows instead of starting my essays early. I was just basically in my room doing nothing productive. Meanwhile I should have joined my friends in the library, try and socialise with people, go to the gym or even read a novel. I would advice you guys to try and find something to do because before you know it, you might miss out on a lot especially in first year when things are easy. This procrastination can lead you to not starting your work early for example, or not having friends to hang out with; or being unfit because you are not active. 

3. NOT TAKING FIRST YEAR SERIOUSLY - This is definitely for first years. Some of you guys might think ' oh! The grades doesn't count this year so I am just going to party all day all night and just flop my grades'. NO NO NO! First year should count to you because if you get low grades this year that means there is 80% chance that you might get lower grades in second year. You can party and have fun during freshers even after freshers but don't make it a ritual because before you know it, you will be missing lectures, getting low grades, missing deadlines and so on. 

So guys try to avoid all these things!

This is everything I guess. If you have more to share please do not hesitate to comment below and share more tips on what to avoid in University.



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