Thursday, 26 November 2015


Hey Beauts! 

It's ridiculous how much Uni assignments I have this semester. I Just submitted two assessments today, Finger crossed for good results! However I have decided to relax tomorrow because I just need to relax my brain for one minute! It really has been hectic with all the researching, reading, writing, and so on. 
Okay so today's post is all about how I keep myself motivated in University. 
Things like stress, and being pessimistic can make you lose motivation. I always remember this quote whenever I feel too stressed out..
'Think Positive, Be Positive, & Positive things will happen. Full stop.'
And I always say to myself 'In the end it will all be worth it!'

Here is a list of the top 3 things that help me stay motivated

  1. MUSIC - I love music! I am the type of person that listen to songs with good beat and good lyrics. Yes, both must be on point otherwise I won't really listen to it.  I also have playlist for different seasons, emotions, and studying time etc. For studying time I like listening to Nigerian music (especially Olamide & Mavin songs), Rap/Hip hop/pop (Tyga, Justine Skye, Pia Mia and Omarion) and a little bit of Adele too (Hello obviously). Moreover I also love going on YouTube to look for good song covers because these covers are sometimes better than the original songs. 
  2. OPTIMISTIC & AMBITIOUS YOU TUBERS - There are Ambitious YouTubers such as (Patricia Bright & Shirley B Enaing) that really motivate me alot! I have been watching both of them for a long time now and I can definitely say that you should go and watch some of their motivation videos! They give such good advice and tips on the University subject.  
  3. PRAYING - If you are a prayerful person then I would suggest you should pray regularly because that really really helps too! 
These are some of the things that helps! You can definitely find something to help you stay motivated in your own way, or you can follow my list! 
One thing I will definitely advice is to always have a positive outlook on things because it will really take you far. Being pessimistic is likely not going to take you anywhere. 


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