Saturday, 12 March 2016


Guess who's back!


I cant believe my last proper post on this blog was in December! I have missed blogging though, like I am not even going to lie. I started my second year in university last year September, so I had to leave the blogging life for a bit. I really enjoy blogging during the summer because that is when I have the most adventures, and have time to write posts. There is literally no such thing during term time, because I always get quite busy ha ha. All I do is study, socialise for a bit and then study again. 
However, I have decided that I want my blog to go somewhere, and in order to do that I need to be consistent with my post. I have so many exciting plans for my blog that you guys aren't even ready for. As you can see on the menu bar, I have added two new segments (recipes and interior). I just feel like I want my blog to be more personal and lifestyle now. I also want to be able to share things I like with you guys. 
Lastly, I am also changing some things around in terms of the layout and design of the blog so it might go private again for a few days (in case you think I've disappeared again). 
Anyways beauts, keep your eyes out for more posts to come. 
I won't disappear again, I promise!


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