Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hi Beauts!

Is it me or the weekend went by so fast this week! And it has been raining cats and dogs for the past week now *sigh*. I am just hoping the sun comes out next week because I am quite over this dull weather.

Talking of dull stuff, what do you do when you are having a dull day? I have like 5 main things that I do that definitely cheers me up. Having a dull day is normal because there is always going to be one day that you just feel completely down, and emotional for no reason. Mine usually happens when my ‘red roses’ starts. P.s I call period 'red roses' because I think it makes it sound nicer lol. #FunFactAboutMe I don’t really like the period word. It sounds yucky to me haha.

Anyways, I am going to be sharing my 5 ways of getting through a dull day but before I do that let me drop a quick #disclaimer here. I need to disclaim that these tips are what helps ME feel better, some might work for you but they are not certain to make YOU as an individual feel better. You can definitely pick out one from this list and try it out. But also remember that you need to find things that are best suited for you. 
It might be one of these things: What do I do to overcome a dull day?
  1. Go For A Walk.
  2. Watch Vlogs: I would recommend vloggers like – PatriciaBright, ShirleyBEniang & TheSacconneJolys
  3. Listen to cheerful music: Create a playlist that includes music you will dance to, no matter how you're feeling.
  4. Watch (Comedy) TV Shows: I would recommend TV Shows like Big bang theory & Friends.
  5. Pamper Yourself: Have a bubble bath, Do a skin clear regime, light candles and read a novel/magazine.
  6. Bonus Tips: Pray (If you are prayerful), and think of positive things that you can be thankful and grateful for.
And that’s it!
Comment Below and Let me know what you do to overcome a dull day! 
Would love to try new things.

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