Monday, 13 June 2016


 Hi Ladies!

So, I definitely don’t think I am the only one that encounters the ‘Bra-blems’. If you don’t know what I mean by ‘Bra-blems’, it is basically the problems we sometimes have with bras. That is, for example
  1. The straps are too lose or tight.
  2. The straps are digging into your skin or poking you.
  3. The bra keeps riding down every second.

And so on…

So ladies, guess what? I was introduced to a San-Francisco brand [ THIRDLOVE.COM ] that provided me with a guide onhow to put on a bra’. The title of the guide might seem a little straight forward like who doesn’t know how to put a bra on… but trust me this guide provides you with beneficial tips!

THIRD-LOVE also provided me with a discount code! [15% off all orders: BRABLEMS]. How exciting! If you are already looking into getting new bras for the season then you should definitely check them out. Their site is filled with gorgeous items especially their bras <--- CLICK HERE

So ladies, what Bra-blems have you been having lately? Comment below, let’s chat!

Until next time! Xo



  1. I swear 'brablems' are so annoying. Love this post.

  2. They really are! and thanks for coming by :D x


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