Thursday, 18 August 2016


Hi Babes, 
Are you currently looking for an internship, work experience or a placement? If yes, continue reading..

So I have been wanting to write this for the past few weeks now and it kept skipping my mind. Today I am going to be sharing some tips on what steps to take when you are searching for an internship or work experience to get that first-hand experience in companies/agencies that specialises in sectors you want to pursue in the future. 
I started searching for internships and work experiences since my first year at university but then I realised I was looking for them in the wrong places. I realised this when I visited different (job/internship/placement) sites and most of the vacancies posts had expired! Also, location was a problem as some places had more jobs available than the other. Sometimes these sites are very effective for graduates jobs and permanent jobs, but in terms of a month or two work experience it isn’t. 
If you have been searching and you haven’t found anything then the steps I am about to share will help you a lot, trust me.

How did I manage to get an internship with a huge PR and Marketing company?

STEP 1: The first thing I did was googling something like ‘PR and Marketing companies in XXXX’.

STEP 2: After googling this, you then look through all the companies you find that are near you and write them all down. At the same time you need to look through each company’s sites and see what they do and so on.

STEP 3: Then you write down the ones you think are suitable for you including their contact details. Although some companies have a page where you could email them through there, still try and find their contact details. This is because when you send them an email through that page, they don’t seem to get it which leads to you not getting any email from them at all.

STEP 4: You need to call up these companies! Before doing this make sure you have your CV and drafted email ready. The drafted email is basically you selling yourself further! You also need to draft what you are going to say to the person on the phone so you don’t mumble or forget anything important. I would also advise you to call them first rather than emailing them because companies are always very busy and they never have the time to look through work experience emails. Calling them first can help you a great deal because then you can get the manager's personal email for example. 

STEP 5: If you email them first and you haven’t gotten any reply for a week and half then I would say you should call them up and ask if they’ve received your email. This way they will kind of see that you are very keen on gaining work experience with them.

That’s basically it!
If you want me to write another post on my work experience interview, please let me know by commenting below! 
If you also have any more questions and you want detailed answers, email me at and I shall reply you as soon as I can!

Until next time beauts! xo



  1. Interesting to see from someone else's point of view. I would say job boards and career sections of company websites is important. Many places will have internship opportunities posted for you to specifically apply to rather than just reaching out and entering the unknown. :)

    S .x

    1. Very true! Thank you for this :D x

  2. This is so informative thank you xx

  3. It's so hard for me to put myself out there at times, especially when it comes to calling to see about job openings, etc, but I know it's very necessary. Great post!

    1. Yeah I get what you mean, and thanks for the lovely comment! :D x

  4. Very true! Thank you for this :D x


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