Thursday, 23 June 2016


Here is why I think coconut oil is the best.
I basically use coconut oil for everything, from hair, makeup removal, to body and face moisturiser.

As I am currently struggling with pimple scars that are refusing to fade on my face! This is my go-to beauty face moisturiser at the moment. Coconut oil has been helping me with this problem so far and I will make a post on it if I see better improvements. I also use coconut oil for my hair because it helps with hair growth and shininess. It actually really works because I sometimes get compliments from people saying how they like the shininess of my hair and so on.

The best thing about coconut oil for me is, you can get it in bottles or big jars like this for cheaper prices than buying variety of branded moisturisers. I personally think it’s more effective than branded products as it is pure, and it doesn’t have loads of chemicals added to it.
#Disclaimer - This is not a paid post! 

In terms of it being a great product for removing makeup, I would definitely recommend you to try it out because it really does work! The first time I ever came across this concept was when I read a blog post on ways to use coconut oil, and I have been using it ever since then! I use it to remove things like my waterproof mascara, matte lipstick and felt tip eye liner.

I usually get pure coconut oil online from Amazon. There are other pure coconut oil brands you could buy as well if you are interested. Also, before you purchase this I would advise you to read the reviews on the website, read blog posts, and also watch some YouTube review videos! Don’t just buy anything that has nice packaging, make sure you investigate properly. The reason why I say this is because I am that individual that used to fall for nice packaging lol. Definitely learnt my lesson. 
P.s This coconut oil smells amazing! 

Comment below if you have any other suggestions on ways you can use coconut oil!

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