Thursday, 11 January 2018


Who says you can’t be creative with your afternoon snack, especially on a sunny day.

Hey Beauts!
Guess what?
You know I mentioned recently [if you read my recent food posts] that I have been eating a lot healthier nowadays by not eating too much junk, and instead I eat more fruits or other healthy foods. I love trying out new things (well, now I do... haha) and creating my own recipe; who knows I might have my very own cook-book published in the future. I said it here first. I always want to do something original on my blog, rather than recreating what other people have done. But it is hard sometimes because there is always going to be someone that has done something similar, I guess you just have to make it your own by adding something unique for it to stand out from the crowd.

Love when it's gooey on the inside and more frozen on the outside. THE BEST!

In this post, I am going to show you the step by step guide for creating this delicious healthy frozen yoghurt out of ingredients that I gathered together, which contains all type of berries and granola. Hm I love berries… If you want to know the kind of Greek yoghurt and Granola I used to make this snack, click this XXXX to check them out in other food posts!

How did I make this frozen yoghurt and what did I use?
I used:
Blue Berries
Greek yoghurt
A little jar
A soup spoon
A bowl

Steps in making it:

Step 1: Get a bowl and add few spoons of the yoghurt.
Step 2: Add a table spoon of honey and mix it all together with the yoghurt.
Step 3: Cut up the strawberries into slices that are squash-able and add them in the mixture including the blueberries.
Step 4: Squash the fruits, and make sure some are still visible. You will see that this will add a little colour to the yoghurt.
Step 5: Pour a little granola in the jar to make a base, then pour the yoghurt on top till it reaches the middle of the jar.
Step 6: Add more granola on top of yoghurt and then pour more yoghurt on top till it fills the jar up.
Step 7: Now it’s your choice to decorate and jazz it up the way you like.
Step 8: Pop it in the freezer  for about 1 hour 30 mins to solidify (don't forget to cover it up with cling film) and then it’s all done.

You could make some for yourself today! Mother Nature is blessing us with gorgeous sunny weathers lately, and I am treating myself to frozen yoghurt as you are reading this; oh and I am also watching The Fosters.

Until next time beauts!


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