Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Hey Beauts!

I know it may seem like I have taken a mini break of some sort, but I have actually started my 3rd year of university. I have just been doing a lot of preparation for this semester and I literally forgot to put content up on the blog. My schedule was all over the place this past month, but I promise I will try my best to make sure everything is well organised. P.s There are a lot of fun stuff coming on this space very soon! So make sure you keep on checking daily. 

How have you guys been? Comment below! Let’s chat J

Onto today’s post!

Guess what? We made it to 10,000 views! How?!
It’s only been a year!
My goal for my blog this year was to reach 10,000 views and it happened! I can’t wait for other milestones like this. Thank you all for continuing to follow me on this journey. Really really appreciate it!

A lot of you will probably be like, where is the giveaway you promised us for 10,000 views?
Well it’s here! Thanks to one of my friends who is also starting her blog very soon, @funtiniho <---Twitter Link. Basically, she recently received a package from JAY MANUEL. Yes, Jay the main man himself! If you are not familiar with this name, it is the guy from America Next Top Model. He basically launched his makeup line [ JAY MANUEL BEAUTY ] this year and he distributed some of the goodies to bloggers and so on.

So, do you want this gorgeous products? There is only going to be 1 winner!

Products you are going to be winning: 

Eye shadow palette
Foundation sponge

How to win? Follow this instructions,

All you need to do is go on my twitter page @fuchsiafleur <---- click here.
Follow my twitter page.
RT [retweet] the pinned tweet.

My friend @funtiniho will be choosing the winner, so I would follow her as well for higher chance of winning!

Yes, it is that simple to win!
The competition is only going to last till 1st of October!
Keep re tweeting, and sharing!

Until next time babes!



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