Thursday, 29 September 2016


Hey Babes,

Thank you so much for the feedback from my last post on Jay Manuel Beauty! However the competition is still going, so I would definitely check the post out if I haven’t! Take a chance and apply, it ends on 1st of October.

Click this link to view the giveaway post – 10,000 VIEWS GIVEAWAY! 

Anyways, in today’s post I am going to be sharing 5 reasons why you should dye your old clothes and how you can add colour to your wardrobe using DYLON UK. Firstly, DylonUK is a company that celebrates a colourful world. That is, bringing colour to the wardrobes, homes and lives of people for over 60 years now. Dylon UK kindly sent me some of their dyeing products to try out and so far I love it. The products are well packaged and I believe the colours will definitely transform my clothes to something fabulous! I can't wait to use it on so many of my old clothes especially my white t shirts! I will be sharing a before and after post very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! 

Here is a little quote from their website that describes what they represent as a dye company,

‘’Recycling is big news and people are choosing to change things rather than chuck them. As the Evening Standard newspaper recently commented “make-do-and-mend” is back in vogue and with DYLON you can make a change for the better.’’ 

Here are 5 reasons of why I think you should try dyeing your old clothes,
- Get a chance to get creative with your clothes by making it into your own!
- Saves you money from getting new clothes, when you can just dye your old clothes to look brand new again!
- You get to recycle your favourite clothes.
- The instructions are easy to follow! Not a long process at all.
- It gives your clothes great quality. 

Below are also some tutorials from a few YouTubers you could look through for help and guidance when dyeing your clothes for the first time with Dylon Dyes,

Dylon UK has a broad palette of colours that you can choose from. It is showcased on their website, so you can have a look by clicking on this link ---> DYLON COLOURS

Remember guys, Recycling and dyeing is the new vogue!
Make the best of it. Go get yourself a Dylon Dye to transform your oldies to newbies! 

Until next time xo 

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