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Hey Babes!

This is the end of my Uni-series! Hope you guys learnt a thing or two from the other university related posts. I decided to save this one for last because it’s the most important one. I wish I had this straight forward, broken down checklist when I was going to Uni as a fresher. I am going to get straight into it now as it is a very long checklist, and I don’t want you guys to get bored. I will also leave links below for other websites to look at because they have a longer and more detailed list! 

Kitchen: Peeler, tea towels, sponge, dish washing soap, other washing up items, plates (x2), cups (x2), Mug, cutleries, sieve, cooking spoons, food containers,  scissors, bowls (x2), tin opener, chopping knife, grater, potato masher (if needed), freezer bags, tin foil, cling film, oven gloves, tray (to eat in your room), Store cupboard ingredients (e.g. Pasta, sugar, cooking oil, salt and pepper etc.).
I would advise to make sure you have your own things because some kitchens in halls tends to be really messy, and you wouldn’t want to touch most of the things, as well as use them to cook your food or clean your plates.

Bathroom: hand wash, shampoo (hair/body), shower basket, toiletries, bathroom cleaners/house-keeping (gloves, bleach, scrubbing brush, febreeze, duster, cif, washing liquid/powder, door wedge etc.), toilet roll, and diffuser.

Bedroom: Duvet (x2), Bed sheets (x2), Quilt covers (x2), Pillow (x2), Pillow-cases (x4), Blankets/fleece throw [soft and comfortable], diffuser, studying lamp, fairy lights, framed/printed pictures, and magazines.

Healthcare: It’s good to have a few off the counter medications (paracetamol, lemsip etc.) for flu, headaches etc. Just in case you catch the fresher’s flu!

A Bag: A bag that can fits all your things is very essential! I wouldn’t go for a small bag personally. It just helps to have something with space in case you are handed loads of papers for example.

Notebook: You should probably get a notebook with demarcations, if you don’t fancy carrying too much stuff in your bag.

Stationary: pens, pencils, erasers, stapler, paper clips, highlighters, folders, post-it notes etc.

Phone/Tablet/Mini-IPad: I would take something you can use to browse in lectures just in case your lecturer wants you to look up something in class.

Diary/planner: I would highly recommend this one! Few lecturers tends to tell you all your assignments information on the first week, so I would definitely have this in hand to keep track of dates and so on. You could always record this information on your phone as well, it’s up to you. This is just a good thing to have for good organisation. 

Textbooks: You should check your Uni library on the website or student central to see if they have the textbooks you need available. If they do, don’t waste your money and get new ones because they sometimes have EBooks for these textbooks. If they don’t, then I would advise you to get used [slightly new] books on

Food/snacks/drink: Okay I don’t know if someone would have mention this to you but you need to have something to eat or drink! Why do I say this? Sometimes you don’t get to have a long break between lectures and seminars to go and get things in your Uni shop, so I would advise you to definitely have something packed in your bag! You will thank me for this later, you’ll see.
P.s some lectures are so boring, it will tire you out. You will need this food/snack/water to help you regain your energy for the seminar.

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Check out these websites listed below for more detailed checklists:

Hope this is helpful!

Until next time xo


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