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#DisclaimerThis is my first year experience and what I would have done differently. A lot of people have completely different experience from others, so I would advise you to read different posts on this kind of topics.  
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Most of you are probably heading to university this month, and you might be excited, nervous or even anxious. I was quite nervous when I was going into first year because I had this thought in my head that people might think I am boring.


-         I do not drink alcohol.
-         I am not a person that is into partying/clubbing.
-         I want to give a 100% into studying and getting good grades.

If you are all of the above, do not worry. There are always going to be people who are probably into the same things that you like doing, or respect you for the things I have listed above. University is not like High School unless you make it so. Remember what you are there to do, and do not let pressure of fitting in get to you.

University is a big place, you will always find a friend and you will always fit in somewhere or the other. Not everyone who prefer to go clubbing or drink alcohol to have fun will ignore you. You just need to understand that, that’s what they like. You might still have a lot in common with that person. You just have to be open to get to know people, if you don’t vibe with one person, you will with someone else. It really isn’t that deep.

There are always other things to do at university with your new friends. I personally love to just chill and hang out with friends, watch movies, going to lunch/dinner to eat plenty of food and maybe go shopping or exploring. This way I get to know them, as well as they get to know me.

‘’When I started Uni I went to two parties [ drank (J20) Orange juice, LOL] and since then I was definite that it wasn’t really for me, although I loved the orange juice haha. The mistake I made was forcing myself to go when I know I didn’t like it and it wasn’t really my thing. Also no one pressured me into going, I just wanted to see what a party at university was like.’’

Someone once told me, if you don’t want to do something, just don’t do it. You are your own person and you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. Just do you!

I made most of my friends through Facebook before freshers, because we were all on the same course and in the same classes. We are always together so that made us grew closer. They all know what I have listed above, and I think they respect me for it. Sometimes they still ask me to come out with them, and whenever I say no they don’t take any offences [I think…, ha-ha]. I actually appreciate them asking me because it showed they didn’t want to leave me out. I just think it’s nice to know people you just met are thinking about you. We all do other things that I can be part of, which is also nice. I always have something to do at Uni so I never feel left out or lonely. Try finding other things to do so you don’t sit in your room all day when everyone else is out doing stuff.

If you are reading this, know yourself well before starting university and always stick to your morals.

If you are already a Uni student, share your first year experience in the comments below! I would love to read what other people think about this topic. 

Remember get to know people! Join clubs, Facebook groups and so on...

Until next time babes!


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