Friday, 21 October 2016


Hey Beauts! 
I can't remember the last time I did a monthly beauty favourite post. I love doing post like this especially when I know the goodies I am about to share with you guys are absolutely amazing.

 In terms of the body shop mists, I use them for setting my makeup. At first I thought these two products will never set makeup properly like Mac, or Urban Decay sprays. How I was wrong! I actually prefer using these two products. I do use the Vitamin E more than the Vitamin C one, because it makes the face stay hydrated throughout the day. I will try and use more of the Vitamin C though, just to see how they differ; and which one I will want to continue using in the future. 
 Nowadays it is all about the acrylic french nails! Let me tell you, before I was not a fan of acrylic nails because every time you apply them they always come off like 1 hour later or so. KISS acrylic french nails are actually way better than I thought. It stays and last for weeks. No Joke. Definitely A MUST TRY. These nails does not only come with their own glue and extra nails, but they also look real! So no one will really notice that it aint your real nails. To know more about KISS Nails, Click here --> @KissProducts
Here is what the nails will look like when you fit it on your nails. You can always paint it, shape it, or leave it as it is.
It looks gorgeous both ways! 
 Lastly the Micellar cleansing water. I know this product is so 2014 but seriously guys I cant get enough of it! It is the best makeup remover ever! This literally removes all your makeup in one go. No need to be wasting 5 face wipes just because you want to remove ordinary makeup ha ha. Anyways yeah it is the best. If you dont know about this product then you should definitely look for it, buy it and try it out! P.s I have a sensitive skin, so I tend to buy the one for sensitive skin. Just thought I should add that In case you have sensitive skin like me. 
 That is everything! 
Comment below and share with us your favourite beauty product at the moment. 
Will love to see and try out new products that are out there.
Until next time babes!


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